Autumn Sarracenia

Autumn is upon us and with that the Sarracenia are putting out some late season growth. I thought it about time I tended to them. Some pitchers had big rotten patches where they had “over eaten” and some had already started to die back in readiness for dormancy so they were cleaned up a little. As it was sunny, I thought I’d take some photos.



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Inspire a generation: London 2012 Paralympics

On Friday I went to watch the morning athletics session at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. It was absolutely fanastic. Great seats, great weather and more importantly inspirational athletes competing. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


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How to: sow Venus Flytrap seeds

As the seed pods on my Dionaea flowers had ripened and opened, revealing many tiny, glossy black seeds, I thought it was about time to sow them. This is a short post describing how I sow them.

Dionaea seeds

This is what the ripe seed pods look like. You can tell when they’re ripe as they’ve burst open to reveal their treasure, primed for release. I’ve noticed that some cultivars produce a lot of flowers and seed and others not so much.

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European Canivorous Plants Exhibition and Exchange (EEE) 2012, Botanical Gardens, Bonn

July 20th to 22nd saw the 2012 European Canivorous Plants Exhibition and Exchange (EEE) at the Botanical Gardens in Bonn. There were some superb plants on show and the Gesellschaft für Fleischfressende Pflanzen (German carnivorous plant society) was most impressive.

This was one show where I did actually buy things. I came away with more plants than I thought I’d get (never a bad thing!) and would liked to have bought many more. All in all, I wish I had taken more pictures but I was very much “a kid in a sweet shop” running from one place to the next not knowing what to buy. Am looking forward to next year’s.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2012

Yesterday I went to the Hampton Court Flower Show, the largest flower show in the world, and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. This summer has been a wash out and despite being cloudy all day, the weather held. Like my visit to Chelsea earlier in the year, I didn’t buy any plants. I was also somewhat disappointed that there was only one seller of carnivorous plants (Hampshire Carnivorous Plants) in the Floral Marquee. Having fewer carnivorous plant displays meant I had more time for taking photos. I hope you enjoy them.


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British Fly Fair 2012

Saturday and Sunday saw the 10th annual British Fly Fair. While I only went for the Saturday, it was great to see so many great tyers from across the world tying flies across the entire fly tying spectrum. Meeting other tyers and being able to discuss materials, techniques, history and the exchange of ideas is the best part of the show.

Among the highlights for me, with my interest in classic salmon flies, was watching Dave Carne mount a wing and the display of flies he brought, Mike Townend copying an antique fly withought a vice, Bruno Pimpanini tying a superb fly of his own design, Rockwell Hammond Jr. tying his Blackwater Moon, Jens Pilgaard’s suitcase and talking about tying in hand with Sven-Olov Hård.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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2012 RHS Chelsea Flower Show: Part 2

Following on from last week’s post on the 2012 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Here are some more pictures of tulips, tulips and, you guessed it, more tulips. I don’t grow anything other than carnivorous plants but I can appreciate the beauty in these flowers. Enjoy.

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